6 hours of sewing…


After recieving approval on the fit of the shorts from Girlie, I stopped in at the fabric store on my way home.  Despite the colours we had discussed for the final pairs of shorts, I saw this material on the shelf, and decided to surprise her.  The big surprise for me is that she doesn’t hate it!

Fast forward a couple of days from the fabric purchase and I had a couple of spare afternoons in a row after finishing day shifts at work, so I decided to get started on making the final ones for her.  I opted to do them in pairs, rather than singly, as it seemed to be a bit more efficient time wise.


The first afternoons effort.  Took around the three hour mark of actual marking out/cutting/marking seams/sewing/ironing to finish both pairs, which seemed to be a pretty reasonable considering time I was doing other stuff at times too.  Aside from forgetting to reset the machine I was using from zig-zag back to straight stitch once, I didn’t run into any hurdles with these, which is a bit of a confidence boost.

The material used for these was a plain purple Batiste, with standard 100% cotton thread, and the cost was all of $12 for the 2 metres of fabric (I bought it at one of Spotlights sales that they regularly run).


The second afternoons effort.  As I was using white thread for the patterned pair, and black thread for the black pair, I couldn’t directly work on the same seams on each as changing the thread constantly would have taken forever and driven me nuts.  I did, however, consolidate the initial marking out and cutting at the same time, which did speed things up considerably.  Total time for these two was again 3 hours, which is reasonable I thought, as once again I was getting distracted at certain points by other things happening around the house.

The black pair was made of a simialr material to the purple pairs, I can’t remember exactly what the roll said when I bought it, but it very similar to Batiste in appearance and feel.  The patterned pair is actually quilting fabric, I was a touch concerned that it would be quite rough, but after the first wash it’s softened up remarkably and the Girl Friend quite likes the feel.  Cost of the black material was $6 per metre, and the quilting fabric was pricey and $18 for the metre required.

After completing this project with it’s multiple finished items, I’m a lot more confident of my skill with a measuring tape and sewing machine.  I still have a lot to learn, especially with keeping consistantly straight seams on curved items.


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