Moving right along…

I thought I’d done a bit of a progress update that included these, but it would appear that I haven’t, so here they are.


The other half asked if I could make her some sleep shorts, so being Mr Helpful (lol), I agreed to give it a crack.  I grabbed a Kwiksew 3425 pattern, and proceeded to make a template of what I thought was the appropriate size given the girlfriends measurements.


The first test item complete!  I brought this with me one visit to the girlies place and she graciously tried it on.  Unfortunately, it was a touch too tight for non-stretch fabric in a couple of areas, so I had to let it out a little.  Not a big deal.


The second test item.  This time around, the shorts actually fit her comfortably, and she’s more than happy for me to forge on ahead, buy some fabric and make her a few pairs.  The fantastic fabric for this item is an old Queen sized duvet cover, and I am more than happy to sacrifice it for the sewing cause.

It’s summer here at the moment, so she’s really looking forward to having some nice and light shorts to sleep in, especially for the cost of the materials to make them vs buying similar ones from a shop.  These require about a metre (just over a yard) of fabric, the same of elastic and a bit of thread, so depending on the fabric used to make them, they can be made from as little as $NZ10.  This doesn’t include my ‘labour cost’, obviously, and I refuse to add that into cost calculations as I feel it’s illogical to do so with a hobby that is done for enjoyment.

Something that I will need to keep in mind for the future is the difference between off-the-rack clothing sizes (so-called Vanity Sizing) and pattern sizes.  The girlfriend usually wears a Size 16-18 off the rack depending on the cut of the clothes, but her pattern size is more like an 18-20-22.  Also, I will have to be careful to choose a size based on her largest measurements as it’s easier to take an item in than it is to let it out (sometimes there isn’t enough seam allowance to let out).


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