Slow progress is still progress…

Work has been fairly hectic as of late.  A workmate and I have been covering the late shifts for another coworker who has just recently had a baby, so that hasn’t really left too much time for fun stuff.

My Girlfriend forgot to put a couple of her favourite bras in the delicates bag when she did her washing and managed to mangle the hooks on them fairly well.  As these things often pan out, I found myself volunteered to repair/replace the damaged parts.  At least I can say that she supports my hobbies, right?


New hooks/loops fitted to one of the bras, with the old ones to the right.  I don’t think I did too bad a job, and I haven’t had any complaints about the work either.

I’ve also been slowly progressing the waistcoat of mine, the face fabric has been cut and marked for the first bunch of stitching, but I have yet to start sewing it, and the lining hasn’t been touched yet.


The bits laid out prior to the interfacing being attached to the relevant parts.  I’m hoping that I can tee up some time over the next few weekends to do some more work on it, once the pockets are done, the rest should go fairly quickly.  One benefit of making up a toile/muslin is that you get some experience with assembling the garment and figuring out the instructions, which is very useful with a novice like me.

The only other thing of note is that I’ve succumbed to the ‘Ohhh Shiiny’ and bought another sewing machine.  I’ll chuck a picture/description up after I pick it up, which should be in the next day or two.


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