Mistake fixed, test garment complete.


After the debacle with the faulty pattern piece I retraced and recut it, making sure to double check it with the pattern.  No problems this time around, so I cut it out of my throwaway material.  It only took about 10 minutes to unpick the four seams needed to remove the misshapen piece from the rest, then another 15 mintues to mark, sew and press all the seams.  So, that’s 25 minutes of wasted time due to not double checking.




I forged on ahead with the rest of the sewing, and no more glaringly obvious blunders came to light thankfully.  Above is the finished test garment which I pinned shut and wore around the house for an hour or so to check the fit, and any restriction on movement that it may cause.




I did end up taking the side seams (under the armpits in), as the waistcoat was a little too loose around the mid section for a formal garment to me (which is a complaint I’ve had with off-the-shelf items too).  Each seam was basted 15mm inwards from the original seam line, which works out to a 30mm reduction per seam, and 60mm overall.  Luckily the curve of the armholes still matches, and so too the lower edge of the garment.  I think that when I make the final item I will just mark a 30mm seam on those lines, instead of the 15mm the pattern calls for.


I’ve posted previously that I’ve already got the final material to make this, so hopefully I should have a waistcoat that fits in the not too distant future.



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