Slight Update.

There hasn’t been much actual sewing done lately, but I have been lined up a few projects for the near future…

I recently got back in touch with a lady-friend of mine from my school years, and, when she found out about my desire to re-learn how to sew, she asked if I’d be prepared to make her a dress.   I was more than happy to do so for her, and the search for a pattern began.  Eventually she settled on the Simplicity Newlook 6966 pattern.  Very retro and she’s certainly got the figure to suit it.  I’m keeping my eyes open for suitable material in the colour that she is after.  I still haven’t caught up with her to get her measurements yet, although that should be happening in the near future.

I’ve been looking for a waistcoast for a while now, but I have been unhappy with both the prices, materials and fit of the commercial offerings, so I decided to get a pattern and make one that I will be happy with.  I can’t remember the pattern off the top of my head unfortunately.  I’m planning on buying the material for is this weekend which will be black gabardine and black satin.  Making this is pretty much the top of the list for now, all I’ve got to do is find the time to do it.

Last, but certainly not least,  my better half dropped a rather subtle hint when we were looking online for something entirely unrelated to sewing and the end result is that I have ordered a pair of corset patterns.  One is for the classic Victorian overbust corset (LM #100) and the other is for a standard underbust corset (LM #113).  Both patterns are made by Laughing Moon, and seem to be fairly well spoken of online, so we shall see how difficult they are to use when they get here.

Shameless free plug time:

Aussie Corset Supplies ( ) is where I’ve ordered the corset patterns from, and am planning to get the notions required (busk, boning, grommets, etc).  Creating an account is required to order from them, but it’s easy and quick, and being able to see your order history is useful I’ve found.  The order with the patterns has been shipped within 24 hours of being placed, and email confirmation was sent as well.  So far so good.

Pattern Postie ( ) is where I’ve bought other standard sewing patterns from previously.  Each time the order has been promptly shipped, and the email updates regarding the order status have been good.  More than happy with the service from these guys.


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