First project – Part two.

After a short break from the preceeding effort (I think it may have been the next day), I resumed sewing this thing together.  No photo’s of the attached side pieces, nor of the rear seam, but rest assured, they’re there.

The lace pinned in place prior to sewing it down.  This was the most frustrating part of the project for me.  It was my first time using lace, so getting my head around how/where it should be pinned, and how to get the corners sitting nicely took a while.

Here the top lace is all sewn on, with the excess material folded over, nipped to allow for the curves and sewn down.  I made the mistake of using the same purple thread to sew the lace on as I had used for the rest of the item.  A far better idea would have been to use black thread.  Lesson learned for next time.

The bottom lace went on a bit easier, partly due to the simple curve of the lower edge of the garment, and partly due to the fiddly irritating practise from putting the top one on.  As is evident in the proceeding photo, the lower lace edge is quite wide (about 3″/7.5cm from memory) compared to the top which suited the person I was making it for just fine, especially when you consider that the lower edge of the garment was already quite high as she was significantly taller than the pattern was designed for.

This is the item sans shoulder straps ready to be taken for a visit to the lass, and have the shoulder straps fitted.  Instead of following the pattern and making straps out of the base material, I decided to make life easy for myself and buy some 1″/2.5cm wide (I think it could have been 3/4″/19mm wide) black satin ribbon.  I’m a bit lazy sometimes, and the thought of trying to mark out, cut and sew those shoulder straps filled me with horror.  Besides, I think the satin matches the lace much better than purple straps would have.

Here lies the finished product prior to final ironing.  It hangs very nicely on her frame with the front V retaining modesty while still allowing a hint of cleavage.  The rear V on this pattern is actually quite deep, and, even though she was taller than the pattern was designed for, it plunges most of the way down her lower back, stopping short of exposing cleft.

I like the end result, and so too does the lass it was made for.  It’s not the sort of thing that she would usually wear, but as a special occasion item it’s just fine.

She did offer to wear it for this blog, with the caveat of no face and no identifying marks shown.  Unfortunately the garment reveals some of her most unique tattoo’s, so maybe next time.


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