First project – Part one

I spent a bit of time wondering exactly what I was going to do for a first project to get my hand back in.  A lady friend of mine suggested I make a chemise/slip/thing for her, so after some relentless scouring of the internet for patterns, I managed to narrow it down to a couple for her to choose from.

It was decided to go with the Kwiksew 3726, so I took her measurements and then headed back to my place to sacrifice an old sheet to the cause.

The Muslin/test piece that I knocked up using the standard L size templates as they were closest to her measurements.  The test fit confirmed that it was the correct size to use, save for the length as she is about 4″/1ocm taller than the sizing anticipated.  This was not a problem.

Fast forward a couple of days and to a sunny afternoon.  The material is all laid out on the table ready to start marking and cutting.  Pattern weights were graciously loaned by my Sister-In-Law.  Yes, they are bronze ducks.

All the pieces cut and laid out.  I may have gone a bit overboard with how much material was required.  The pattern suggested 1.5m, so I bought 2m.  Haha, typical male not following instructions!

The front panel all sewn up prior to ironing.  This concluded the first day of ‘work’ on this item.  Slow progress due to my triple checking of everything, but worth it in the end.

Note to self – Cheap chalk is easier to use for marking out when the hard waxy coating is scraped away, and the tip is ‘sharpened’ to a chisel wedge with the side of a knife.


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